Barby & Onley Meetings & Minutes

All members of the Parish are very welcome to attend any meeting they wish to. The first 20 minutes of the meeting is made available for public participation, so if you have a burning issue that needs addressing, or just want to know how the rates are being spent, then please feel free to come along. If you want a specific item added to the agenda please contact the Clerk at least a week before the meeting.  Monthly meetings (starting at 7.30pm) are normally held at Barby Village Hall (unless otherwise shown below) and are held on the second Monday of each month apart from August. 

Proposed Meeting dates for 2021/22 
The 2021 Annual Parish Meeting (by Zoom) was held on Monday 29th March.  Full details including the draft minutes are available on the Council Info page

2021 Meeting Documentation

11th January 2021 (Virtual)
Notice of Meeting 11th January 2021
Bank Reconciliation to 31st December 2020
Advance notice of Northamptonshire Highways planned works around Barby and Kilsby in early 2021
MINUTES 11th January 2021

8th February 2021 (Virtual)
Notice of Meeting 8th February 2021
Bank Reconciliation to 31st January 2021
MINUTES 8th February 2021

8th March 2021 (Virtual)
Notice of Meeting 8th March 2021
Bank Reconciliation to 28th February 2021
MINUTES 8th March 2021

12th April 2021 (Virtual)
Notice of Meeting 12th April 2021
Preparing for the possible return to face-to-face meetings
Letter to Council Leaders - Remote Meetings
Bank Reconciliation to 31st March 2021
Onley Open Space Bank Reconciliation to 31st March 2021
MINUTES 12th April 2021 (DRAFT)

4th May 2021 (Virtual)
Notice of Meeting

17th May 2021 (Barby Village Hall)