Walking, Cycling & Running

Map of Barby & Onley

Rights of Way

There are numerous Rights of Way within the Parish. These can be seen on the Northamptonshire Rights of Way map which can be viewed in a new window by either clicking on the map on the left or here. The map is fully interactive and shows Footpaths, Bridleways and Byways - by clicking on the "+" button you can see greater detail including the identification number of each right of way. If you have any issues to report on any of the rights of way please contact the Footpath Warden, Mick Leppard on 01788 891091.

The Northamptonshire Definitive Map (and Statement) are the legal records of all the county's public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic).  The Definitive Map is on deposit at the following locations:

  • Definitive Map Team, One Angel Square, Angel Street , Northampton NN1 1ED (please contact the department at DefMap@northamptonshire.gov.uk if you would like to make an appointment to view the map).  
  • Every Parish Council in the County (please contact the Clerk, Catherine Camp of details of viewing the Barby Parish Definitive Map)

The Definitive Map is not intended for recreational use. If you wish to know where rights of way are for recreational purposes, you can view the Rights of Way map shown above.  Please note: The information displayed on the Interactive Map is not 'The Definitive Map' and cannot be used for legal purposes.

A long distance footpath -the Jurassic Way skirts the southern Parish boundary. This path follows a band of Jurassic Limestone for a total of 88 miles from Banbury (Oxfordshire) to Stamford (Lincolnshire).

Walking, Cycling and Running Routes

Four routes around Barby and the surrounding area are shown below. They range from a walking route of 3.74 miles (circular route of Barby and Kilsby) to a cycling route around various Northamptonshire villages of about 50 miles.  For more suggestions on walking routes in Northamptonshire go to the following web sites:


Northamptonshire County Council have also produced some leaflets of short walks in Northamptonshire and these can be downloaded at https://www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/councilservices/northamptonshire-highways/walking-in-northamptonshire/Pages/short-walk.aspx



Barby Figure of Eight
Distance 5.8 miles
Total Ascent 259 feet
Total Descent 282 feet
Barby Figure of Eight route

Barby Kilsby Circular
Distance 3.74 miles
Total Ascent 207 feet
Total Descent 166 feet
Barby Kilsby Circular Route

Barby, Kilsby, Crick and Yelvertoft
Distance 18.83 miles
Total Ascent 301 feet
Total Descent 391 feet
Barby, Kilsby, Crick and Yelvertoft Route

Tour of Northamptonshire Villages
Distance 49.49 miles
Total Ascent 789 feet
Total Descent 685 feet
Tour of Northamptonshire Villages Route