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Millennium Orchard

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The Charity uses funds raised from the property it manages and investments to provide grants to local organisations that are based in or serve the residents of Barby and Onley.  As well as benefiting the Parish the Charity has to protect the assets for future generations.

Barby Townlands and Educational Charity was created when a number of smaller local charities were amalgamated. The charity can trace its roots back to the 19th Century, but some of the covenants go back further.

The charity's assets are spread throughout the village. The Play Area, the Tennis Court, and the Sports Field are leased to the Parish Council. 

Barby AllotmentsThe Allotments are managed by a trustee, currently Sally Robbins and the Millennium Orchard and Petanque Pit are managed by the Charity.

The Charity also holds investments in the Charities Investment Fund, a unit trust. The charity takes a very responsible position in relation to the maintenance of the assets and money is spent annually to ensure that what we pass on is in the best condition we can manage.


Barby Garage


The farm land beyond the sports field going down Longdown Lane is leased to a local farmer and Barby Garage, opposite the Arnold Arms, is leased to the proprietor of the garage business. Both the farm land and the garage are managed through our land agent.

WW1 & WW2 Commemorative Benches





During 2015 the charity installed 2 war memorial commemorative seats in Rectory Lane to remember the sacrifices that many made in the two World Wars.   

In 2018 the children of Barby Primary School and the children in Vulaines sur Seine, Barby's twin village have received bilingual reading books presented by Barby Twinning Association with help from a grant from Barby Townlands and Educational Charity it is hoped that links between the young people in the two schools will get stronger this year.
Bilingual reading books presented by Barby Twinning Association to schools in Barby and Vulaines sur SeineBilingual reading books presented by Barby Twinning Association to schools in Barby and Vulaines sur Seine







Improving access to Camp’s Copse

In spring 2021 the Townlands Trust has undertaken a number of improvements to the section of the footpath that runs from near the top of Longdown Lane (just past the cricket ground), through the pasture field, then Camp’s Copse and the newly planted area. The path then goes on towards Braunston but not on land owned by the  Trust.
Bob Wilson, Howard Smith, Steve Hamp and Wayne Foster improving access to Camps Copse Spring 2021

Three new metal kissing gates have been fitted, and three of the old stiles rebuilt to lower them and make them more accessible. Where the entries included plank bridges, sleepers have been replaced where needed and handrails fitted.
We are extremely grateful to our team of volunteers, Bob Wilson, Howard Smith, Steve Hamp and Wayne Foster, who have carried out the project for us. They have worked really hard and done a great job, particularly when the ground was very soggy back in March.
 So please do have a walk down and enjoy the woods.


The trustees meet three or four times per year. Minutes of the Trustee meetings can be viewed below. 

You can apply for a grant by downloading a grant application form  below.  


Rob Wilson was elected as Chair in January 2021 with Graham Sloper as the Vice Chair.  Mrs Cat Sabine was confirmed as Treasurer and Secretary of the Charity.  Their contact details are shown below. The other trustees are Carol Hamp, Jo Martin, Richard Camp, and Derek Middleton. There is currently one vacancy for a Trustee


Mr Rob Wilson Tel: 07970 938873

Vice Chair

Mr Graham Sloper Tel:01788 899167

Secretary & Treasurer

Mrs Cat Sabine,
11 Castle Mound, Barby, CV23 8TN
Tel 07909 680508

Allotments Manager 

Jo Martin Tel: 01788 890849 


The charity prides itself on giving something to everyone who applies for a grant, the figure usually varies between 50-100%. Full details of applying for a grant can be found below which includes an application form.  This is available in either pdf format (Grant Application Form pdf) or word format (Grant Application Form word).  If you require any further information please get in touch with any of the trustees.

In 2018 we have started a Young Person’s Grant for all children aged between 16 and 19 living in Barby and Onley. The grant is for £100 per person and you need to write a letter to the trustees explaining how you would spend the money. Email or post it to 11 Castle Mound, Barby. 

Apple Day

Every year the Charity celebrates the coming of Autumn with an Apple Day.  In 2021 it will be held on Sunday 3rd October in the Charities own Millennium orchard.

This year we were entertained by the Moulton Morris Men.  We will be providing all the usual free BBQ, cakes, apple juices, apple pressing and generally all things apple based.

Moulton Morris Men at Apple Day 2021

Burgers at Apple Day 2019 

All things Apple at Apple Day 2019 Coventry Mummers at Apple Day 2019

All things Apple at Apple Day 2019 

Grant Application

Download Application Form (pdf)
Download Application Form (Word)
Grants and Expenditure Authorisation Notes

Applying for a grant is simple and can either be done using the form (which can be downloaded using the links above) or through an email or a letter to the Secretary. Applications are usually considered at the next committee meeting of the Trustees. These occur approximately 3-4 times a year but can be more frequent if there are applications that need to be dealt with. The application must be sent to the Secretary one week before that next meeting to ensure it is considered at that meeting.

The Trust is keen to support local activities which can include leisure, sports, cultural or educational interests and embraces all age groups. The main criteria is that there is a tangible benefit to the people who take part in the activities provided by the organisation that is applying. To assist the Trustees in making a decision please make sure that you give the following information when you apply:

Apple Blossom in Millenium Orchard May 2019

  • Name of the organisation
  • The name and contact details of the person making the application.
  • Briefly what your organisation does
  • Briefly what you require the funding for and how this will benefit those concerned
  • When you need the money
  • Whether you are applying for the full cost of what you want the money for or a contribution. If you are asking
  • for a contribution please state the total cost
  • Enclose any written quotations if you have them
  • Occasionally, when large amounts are asked for we may ask you to submit your organisation’s accounts for review.

Please note you will be required to produce receipts to show what you have spent the money on.

The outcome of the Trustees meeting will usually be one of four things:

Millennium Orchard
  • The application for a grant is approved in full
  • The application for a grant is approved and a proportion of the sum applied for is given
  • The Trustees ask for more information in order to make a decision
  • The application is turned down

You are advised to make your application in good time before you need the money. If you need advice or wish to discuss your application before submitting it please contact the Chair or Secretary.

Eco Friendly

The trustees of Barby Townlands Charity are very mindful of the impact the charity has on the environment.
Morris Men at Apple Day 2017
We accept that we have a lot to learn and some of the measures that could be taken will need to be considered over the long term, however, we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

 The charity provides and manages the allotments. The trustee responsible is currently Sally Robbins. There are a vast amount of fruit and vegetables produced by skilled, as well as novice, gardeners. They have virtually zero “food miles” as well as reducing carbon dioxide during the growth cycle.

We have planted hundreds of trees in the farm land alongside Longdown Lane. Our long serving trustee Richard Camp and his wife Catherine have arranged this and their choice of trees will provide a mixed woodland for everyone’s enjoyment when they reach their full height. The trees were planted by a team of local people in 2015.  In late 2017 some Black Poplar trees have been added and they have now been joined by a disease resistant elm tree.
Bernard Scott and Carol and Steve Hamp planting the new elm tree

The orchard at the back of the garage is maturing and this year there is a crop for all to enjoy.We have also installed a Boules Area and BBQ and encourage people to go along and have a go at Boules and take a picnic or BBQ – no need to book, just share if someone else comes along. The trees have been planted by a team of local people.

We communicate as a team of trustees by e mail and post all our minutes on the village website.
We have recently taken over the management of 8 acres of arable land from Barby Poorlands Charity, and the rent from the acreage is used to fund grants to village organisations. The Charity also owns the land on which the Sports Field, Village Play Area and Tennis Court stands, and leases these areas to the Parish Council so that everyone in the village can use them.

There is more to do and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead. If you would like any more information about the charity please contact any of our trustees.