Climate Change


Bolster LogoA public meeting was held in October to inform the community about Climate change and also to find practical ways to make a difference to reduce climate change.  Minutes of the public meeting are available here

Climate Change Video - This sets out the current effects of Climate Change on the world around us - 

Following that meeting a climate change action group was created to develop ideas.  This group was created as BOLSTER (Barby and Onley Locally Sustainable Tree and Environmental Regeneration). 
20th November 2019

Actions you can make


Consider shopping at Rugby Unwrapped (66 Church Street, CV21 3PT)

Rugby Unwrapped logoThis shop operates aiming to reduce waste by offering a refill shop where you take your own container and fill it with Food or cleaning products, thus reducing single use plastics.  As organic products are still very expensive they have chosen to stock affordable options.  The ethos of the shop is to reduce waste and become more sustainable. 

You don't have to be an eco-warrior to shop at Rugby Unwrapped - you just have to care about how we can all make simple, sustainable changes in order to reduce our waste and its impact upon the environment.


 Join the Big Switch Scheme to reduce your Electricity Bills

Around 90% of residents who signed up to the last scheme in the autumn were offered better energy deal, providing the opportunity to make savings of about £240 per year on average. 
The winter auction process has now launched and Daventry District residents are urged to sign-up before registration closes on 10 February 2020.
Everyone who signs-up before the deadline will be entered into a national collective, with energy companies then invited to bid for their custom in an auction.
Because the auction is an opportunity for energy companies to secure thousands of customers in one go, the deals they offer in a bid to win that auction are often better than those advertised to the general public.
The sign-up process is quick and easy, with just an annual bill or indication of annual energy usage required.
Following the end of the registration period, everyone who signed up will be sent an offer indicating any savings they could make. There is no obligation to accept that offer and no fees or charges involved, whether people decide to switch or not.
People who switched providers through last winter’s auction are particularly encouraged to register again, as their fixed-term contract will be coming to an end and this is an opportunity to secure another good deal through the scheme.
People are urged to sign up by visiting or phoning 01327 871100.


 Use your Daventry District Council bins

Food Waste 

What can I recycle?Food Waste Bin

  • Meat and fish - raw and cooked inc bones
  • Fruit and vegetables - raw and cooked
  • All dairy products such as eggs and cheese
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Uneaten food from your plates and dishes
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Fats - solid and semi-solid but not liquid
Please do not put in:
  • Food packaging or wrapping of any sort
  • Liquids Kitchen towel

Blue Recycling Bin

What can I recycle?Blue Recycling Bin

  • Large cardboard (NEW)
  • Wrapping paper (not metallic)
  • Drinks cartons (ie juice, soup, long-life milk)
  • Card and paper inc envelopes with windows
  • Telephone directories and catalogues
  • Mixed plastics inc yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit punnets
  • Foil and foil trays
  • Food and drink cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Empty aerosols
  • Plastic bottles
Please wash and squash all your plastic bottles, tubs and trays

Please do not put in: 

  • Broken glass, Pyrex glass, Drinking glasses, sheer glass
  • Children's toys
  • CD/DVD cases
  • Other metal items inc steel kegs, knives, cooking pans, coat hangers
  • Crisp packets, cellophane/cling film, plant pots or polystyrene
  • Carrier bags
  • Black plastic food trays
  • Hardback books
  • Batteries - can be taken to your nearest recycling centre and most supermarkets

Garden Waste Bin (opt in costing £36 per bin per year)

What can I recycle?Garden Waste Bin

  • Grass cuttings and weeds
  • Cut flowers and plants
  • Leaves and bark
  • Prunings and hedge trimmings
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Straw

Please do not put in:

  • Cardboard or paper
  • Soil, mud or rubble
  • Large logs or wooden planks
  • Plant pots
  • Food waste
  • Dog and cat waste

General Waste

General waste should be put in your black bin for collection every three weeks. Your black bin is for all your general household waste that cannot be recycled or composted.


Use Plastics less in 2020Plastic Bottles

Remember plastic bags were originally designed to be reusable to reduce cutting down forests to produce paper!!

 The best way to cut down on plastic waste usage is to use less.  
Barby Stores now has a hanger with reusable Canvas alternatives so that you don't need a be supplied with a new plastic bag each time.  

What types of plastic bottles can I recycle?

  •  All clear and coloured plastic bottles from around the home
  • Detergent and soap bottles (minus the pump)
  • Cleaning product bottles (e.g. bathroom cleaners, bleach etc.)- Triggers can be left on.  
  • Skin care product bottles.  
  • Shampoo and shower gel bottles
  • Fizzy and non-fizzy drinks and water bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Ready to use plant food and pesticides bottles (check the label).  

How to recycle plastic bottles

  • Replace lids and tops.  If they stay on the container they will get recycled.  
  • Squash plastic bottles to save space.  
  • Empty and wash bottles.  Left over foods or liquids can contaminate other recyclables and if bottles contain liquid they may not be recycled by the automatic sorting process.  Liquid can also damage the machinery.  
  • Leave on labels - these will be removed in the process.  


 Actions taken and planned


Energy Advice leaflet & Home Energy Assessments
An Energy Advice leaflet will be produced and circulated with the February Parish Council newsletter.  All residents will be encouraged to carry out an Energy Audit.  Full details to be included in the February newsletter.  

The assessment involves a professional technician from the Northamptonshire Energy Saving Service (NESS) team providing a free and independent assessment of your home followed by practical measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs:


  • Draught exclusion measures to doors and windows
  • Repairs to doors and windows
  • Radiator reflector foils
  • Replacement radiators
  • Energy saving lightbulbs
  • Chimney balloons
  • Gas safety checks, servicing and minor repairs


Improvements to your home from the above list can save between £25 a year up to £150 depending on the type of property, type of fuel, fuel charges and current insulation levels.
Every household will also be issued with a free NESS Energy Information and Advice Pack, packed with information on energy savings and ways of improving your comfort and wellbeing.

Book your assessment at


Street Lighting
All street lights in Barby have now been converted to use LED lanterns which dim automatically by 50% between midnight and 6.00am.  


Water Usage
Anglian Water can provide a free home visit to assess your water usage and potentially provide water saving devices including tap flow reducers, alternative shower heads etc.    



Energy Saving Information Event for all residents will be held at Barby Village Hall on 8th February starting at 10.00am. 


 Additional Tree Planting
This will take place in the autumn in particular in the corners of arable fields offered by a local landowner.  


A new blue lidded bin to be made available outside Barby Stores (by the clothes recycling bin) to encourage residents to put in recyclable items in it instead of the usual general waste bin. 


Areas of the village to be identified to grow wildflowers as an option to reduce the amount of annual mowing.  This should increase areas for bees, birds and insects. 


Recycling of Crisp Packets and Coffee Packaging

Daventry District Council (DDC) operate drop off points for both Crisp Packets and Coffee Pods - they are located in the Council's Reception area at Lodge Road, Daventry and are available Monday to Thursday from 9.00am to 5.00pm and on Fridays between 9.00am and 4.30pm.

The coffee packaging recycling drop-off point takes Tassimo pods and outer packaging, L'OR capsules, Kenco Eco Refill packs and coffee jar lids.  

Terracycle then collect from the drop off points and in 2019 around six pallets-worth of coffee capsules and 25kg of crisp packets were collected
In 2019 DDC earned £584 in recycling credits from Terracycle

The Arnold Arms and Barby Primary School are going to be asked to act as a collection point for crisp packets