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Important Planning Application 

Please click here for an announcement from the Parish Council on a important planning application regarding Cadman Sporting in Barby.  

Posted 22nd July 2023



Barby Church Trust 100 Club December 2023 Draw


 Congratulations to Judy Hicks and Joan Leah who both won in this months Barby Church Trust Taps and Toilets draw. July won the big prize of £275 with ball no 23 and Joan won £80 with no 59.









Barby Flag

Barby Flag


The Flag is a combination of two of the flag designs submitted by residents of the village.

The main device of the flag, the upwards pointing chevron, is a representation of Barby Hill. The name of Barby village comes from the old norse word “Bergbýr”, meaning “hill dwelling”, so it only seems appropriate that the hill should be prominently featured on the flag as it is the village’s namesake.

Within the chevron are 5 diamonds used as a subtle reference to Barby being the birthplace of the Maclaren pushchair company. The Maclaren logo is 5 diamonds in the shape of an M, but in the flag they have instead been rearranged to fit inside the symbolic hill.

Above the chevron is a bar and below is a bee – a play on the village name.

The choice of colouration for the flag, red background, blue central device and additional detailing in gold was chosen to match the colouration of the coat of arms belonging to Barby’s French twin village Vulaines-sur-Seine

Posted 30th May 2023

Neighbourhood Plan Review - Call for sites information

As we hope everyone knows, Barby and Onley Parish Council is in the process of reviewing its Neighbourhood Plan.

As part of this process, we are considering taking advantage of new Government powers which ensure that the policies in the neighbourhood plan remain active and will continue to be used by West Northamptonshire Council to determine planning applications in the Parish, even in circumstances where the Local Plan cannot offer any protection.

To utilise these powers, the neighbourhood plan is considering allocating land for small-scale and locally appropriate residential development within the Parish. This may, for example, be for bungalows to meet the needs of older residents, or small family homes for young couples.

If you are a landowner in the Parish & are interested in your land being considered please download our call for sites letter & application form - LETTER & FORM DOWNLOAD

Posted 17th May 2023