Onley Park Residents Association

Aerial View of Onley Park Autumn 2018Onley Park Residents Association (OPRA) represents the residents of Onley Park in all matters specifically affecting them.  The current committee members are shown below. OPRA hold meetings a couple of times a year or more frequently if required.  

Current and recent areas of concern include:

  • OPRA were part of the consultees for the new marina to be built at Onley.
  • OPRA worked hard for nearly 3 years to ensure the prison cleaned and repair the foul, fresh water & surface water drainage services, the prison have employed Lanes for Drains to undertake major drainage repairs and is still ongoing. The cost to HMP Onley is in excess of £60,000.
  • OPRA are attempting to have the roads adopted but this is slow and ongoing situation at present.
Aerial view image courtesy of Barrie Lambert, Rugby