Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Things you can do to minimise the spread of the virus 

 Remember that the virus remains active on the following surfaces as follows:

  • Hard Plastics and metal - 72 hours
  • Cardboard - 24 hours
You can reduce the risk of spreading the virus by:
  • Cleaning every affected item with either disinfectant spray or wipes
  • Wear gloves when handling any item you think may have been contaminated by the virus
  • Wash your hands regularly and after handling any such item.  
Remember this virus is quite transmissible through relatively casual contact, making it very hard to contain.  You may want to pay special attention to handles on wheelie bins and shopping trolleys as these have been handled by many other users and it is easy to pass on Covid-19 unintentionally.  Also you could clean any letters and parcels before handing the contents.  

Stay safe and keep your friends and neighbours safe as well. 



Coronavirus and what we can all do to help

 Please continue to follow the Government advice to help stop coronavirus spreading:

You should now only leave your home for one of the following reasons:
  • Shopping for basic necessities
  • Daily exercise
  • Any medical need
  • Travelling to and from essential work
Everyone should follow the guidelines on social distancing. These include keeping a 2m space between individuals, avoiding non-essential use of public transport, working from home wherever possible. Gatherings of 2 or more people who do not live together is now prohibited. You must use telephone and online services wherever possible.

If you do leave your home wash your hands as soon as you get home

The latest guidance can be found at the following website,
  • Please follow government guidelines and take this seriously
  • • If you are self-isolating and/or need help with shopping, posting mail, arrange lawn mowing or just a friendly phone call shopping, please contact one of the volunteers below (you should have already received a note with the nearest contact details)
  • Please do not be afraid or hesitant in asking for help – we are all in this together
  • If there is anything that you need, and are not sure where to go, if the Parish Council can help provide the information you need then we will. Just email the Clerk on
  • Please note that this is a fast-moving situation and the government is updating its advice daily – note this newsletter is based on the advice at 23rd March.
List of volunteers or alternatively call your Parish Councillor or the Parish Clerk.
  • Balding Close, Barby - Natasha Von Werkhoeven - 0782 564 1443
  •                                              - Sarah Wilson - 0797 636 6856
  • Brackendale Drive, Barby - Kerry Norton - 0775 921 7621
  •                                                        - Samantha Guryn - 0777 946 3880
  •                                                       - Kath & Steve - 01788 891615 / 0781 768 7848
  • Castle Mound, Barby - Naomi Teagles - 0772 526 0125
  •                                              - Nigel & Lyndsey Parkinson - 0744 341 7303
  •                                              - Cat Sabine - 0790 968 0508
  • Daventry Road, Barby - Steve Gee - 0796 999 2557
  •                                                 - Abi Owen - 0796 483 3211
  •                                                 - Paul Reynolds - 0781 555 1202
  •                                                 - Ian & Pat Webb - 0777 176 2997
  •                                                 - Natalie Downing - 0754 963 6461
  •                                                 - Natalie Kimberley - 0781 654 2564
  • Holme Way, Barby - Liz Campell Smith - 0797 741 4913
  • Kilsby Road, Barby - Emily Archer - 0790 509 7605
  •                                           - Jo Durham - 0737 551 9832
  •                                           - Jo Martin - 0779 022 2068
  •                                           - Mandy Green - 0781 654 2564
  •                                           - Zac Middleton - 0776 656 4071
  • Longdown Lane, Barby - Jo & Richard Good - 0797 663 8616
  • Mitchison Close, Barby - Sharon Walsh Fuller - 0759 570 4280
  •                                                   - Tara Hancock - 0770 640 7534
  • Pittoms Lane, Barby - Pete Morgan - 0787 906 3109
  • Rugby Road, Barby - Andrea MacMahon - 0771 165 4556
  •                                           - Neill Smith - 0744 421 5889
  •                                          - Sarah Harper - 0750 799 0668
  • Rectory Close, Barby - Pippa Reeve - 0787 631 5111 / 01788 890733
  • Star Corner, Barby - Darren Bell - 0774 811 7068
  • The Green, Barby - Debs and Baggie - 0773 878 4723
  •                                       - Kevin Brentengani - 0776 274 1976
  • Onley Park, Onley - Adrian Cooper - 01788 819060 / 0752 760 6823
  •                                        - Dawn Cotton - 01788 815906 / 0738 898 0144
  • Paula Smith - Prescriptions for patients of Markey Quarter or Beech Tree practice or Well Pharmacy, Drovers Close - 07920 050742
Apologies if I have missed anyone off the list or their details are incorrect – I will be updating the list on the Parish Council website as well as the May newsletter.

Barby Village Stores - Are taking orders for people who are over 70 or have an underlying health problem that means that they are more at risk should they catch Coronavirus. Please, if you fall into this category, stop going to the shop, or putting yourself into any situation where you are less than 2m from someone else. Coronavirus can survive on metal and plastic surfaces for up to 72 hours so by touching the shop door handle for example, you are putting yourself at risk. All you need to do is ring Babs on 01788 890360 and he will tell you how to use the ordering system. Could everyone please distance themselves at the shop as to ignore this puts them and the shop staff at risk

If you really cannot avoid going out to a place where other people are likely to be, then wash your hands frequently, or use sanitizer gel.

Northamptonshire Strategic Coordination Centre

Media Briefing 25th May 2020


Local Resilience Forum

The Local Resilience Forum is made up from key organisations across Northamptonshire such as, emergency services, health and local authorities who put in place plans under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. These organisations are now operating within the strategic coordinating centre to respond to this pandemic outbreak. As part of this response you as volunteers are our key links providing the vital support needed by our communities.

Read the latest updates: 

24th June
17th June
11th June
3rd June
27th May

100 Days Special Report 

Covid-19 Exploitation and Modern Slavery 


How community & voluntary groups can help

Good Samaritans and community groups in Daventry District who are keen to get involved in the fight against coronavirus are being urged to make themselves known to join a countywide response to help the most vulnerable.

Since the crisis began to unfold, countless groups have emerged and individuals have come forward to help in the effort to get essential supplies to those people who are having to self-isolate.

As social distancing measures increase and the public are urged to stay at home, these groups and individuals play an increasingly important role in keeping our most vulnerable people safe and stocked up with medications and supplies.

Now emergency planners from the county's Coronavirus System Co-ordination Centre - the multi-agency response involving Northamptonshire's public service organisations including local councils - are urging these groups to come forward to register themselves, in order to ensure that they receive up-to-date information and access to critical supply chains.

Groups can register by either completing an online form at

Support groups that register their details will:

  • Receive the very latest up to date information about the current situation in their local area
  • Be able to access essential supply chains for the people needing help.
  • Enable the local authorities to point them to people that they know need help.
  • Enable the emergency planners to map out where such offers of help have come from.


Countryside Alliance Logo





In addition to the Rural Services Network, the Countryside Alliance is implementing activities to support rural communities in the current time and has created a resource hub.  From signposting, relevant information, and other essential services to ideas on how to support communities, this hub also gives opportunities to share ideas and connect with others at a time when isolation and loneliness are on the increase.


Nothamptonshire Energy Saving Service logo 

Worried about your energy consumption? Why not look at the services and help provided by NESS.  Despite  the current situation the service is still running and and as it is a fuel poverty project, there may be more people who are concerned about their energy costs during this time. 

Anyone with concerns can still call NESS on 01604 623700 or email 
or go to their website